LILR 069 | Dr. Richard Blackaby Talks Leadership Transitions and Growing Your Church

“Don’t be so busy trying to turn things around that you neglect the people you’re working with. Start tackling the small stuff to build up a resume and track record of success, then you can gradually start tackling bigger and bigger things that ultimately need to get changed as well.”

LILR 068 | The Currency of Trust and Transitions Leadership Principles with James Forsyth

“Love the church you have. Not the church you wish you had.” Meet James Forsyth, Senior Pastor of Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, TN. James grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland where he met his bride and started his family. He came to the US to go to seminary and stayed stateside as God called him and his family through two leadership transitions. James is an expert on the topic of transition. On this episode he leans in with James specifically on the currency of trust and four key transition leadership principles.

LILR 067 | Keeping Short Accounts, Humility, and other Transitions Leadership with Daniel Im

“Humility must be the chief characteristic of the outgoing pastor. Their transition feels like death by a thousand cuts. This is what they’ve dedicated their ministry to, their lives to, and they are having to slowly let it go…”

LILR 066 | Bridge Leadership: Having a stake before and after a leadership change with Kevin Rhineheimer

“The fear factor of a transition is real. And it will hit you. But you have to remind yourself that that is literally what the devil’s plan is to do to you. Is to paralyze you. He wants nothing more than to get you on your heels and start to revert back. But the Gospel is going no no, if God is for you who can be against you? I got you. You need to walk forward in faith and be strong and courageous like Joshua.”

LILR 065 | Post Pandemic Staff Health with Mike Bodine

“We tell our staff… if you are happy or aligned with 70% of what we’re doing as a church, then lay down the other 30% and embrace what God is doing.” On this episode we welcome Mike Bodine from Central Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mike is gracious enough to invite us into his living room to discuss the health of Central’s staff, the health of their church, and the health of the relationship between Mike and his Lead Pastor, Jud Wilhite. Mike shares incredible wisdom on fighting for culture in your church and why it matters. As he so concisely summarizes, “Culture is everything.”

LILR 064 | Sean Morgan on When is Your Room Full?

“Leaders are waiting around for their rooms to fill up, but newcomers to your church are waiting for you to make room for them.” In this episode, Sean leans into a question that so many church leaders and staff are wrestling with on this side of the pandemic… “when is our room full?”

LILR 063 | Post Pandemic Giving Trends with Jim Sheppard

“For most churches, if you take 50% of your givers off the list, you’re only losing 2% of the gifts… Rather than talking about fear and anxiety of the coming recession, what if we talk about the real issue? Being broken-hearted about the spiritual condition of our people when it comes to money and possessions.”

LILR 062 | Post-Pandemic Focus with Dr. Warren Bird

“The definition of what the Lead Pastor needs to be and do coming out of the pandemic has changed.” In this episode, Sean sits down with Dr. Warren Bird from ECFA to lean into the challenges pastors are facing coming out of the pandemic, and into recession and inflation.

LILR 061 | Bouncing Back Better, Healthier & Stronger with Jim Burgen

“The leadership lesson was that it all happened on my watch. It wasn’t all my fault, but it was my responsibility as a leader to shepherd my staff well and I wasn’t doing that.” Meet Jim Burgen from Flatirons Community Church in Colorado. In one of the most heartfelt and vulnerable episodes of our show, Jim opens up about what triggered his six month sabbatical and how God used it for Jim to come back as a better, healthier & stronger leader, just before Covid hit.

LILR 059 | Leading Willow Creek: Dave Dummitt Talks Overcoming Challenges & Staff Culture

“People kept asking me, are you excited? But I wasn’t all that excited, and I felt like something was wrong. To be honest, I was a little bit scared. There are so many calls in scripture where the call was clear, but it wasn’t something they were excited about.” Meet Dave Dummitt, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, dynamic leader and pastor who knows a thing or two about transitions. In this episode, Dave invites us into the behind-the-scenes process of being pursued by Willow, wrestling with God’s call to Chicago, and what it meant to leave 2|42 Community Church in its season of thriving. Dave says candidly, “This wasn’t a transition, it was a turnaround.”

LILR 058 | Finding Momentum by Finding Rock Bottom with Greg Lindsey

“We’re half the church we were before Covid hit, attendance wise. But the foundation is stronger than it was when we built from where we are now, before.” Meet Greg Lindsey, Lead Pastor of Discovery Christian Church in Colorado Springs, CO. From lawyer, to church planter, to transitions leader, Greg has a transition story that didn’t start well, and then got worse before it ever got better. He shares his approach of leading Discovery with “duct tape and dreams” and encourages leaders to let off the gas in their striving and driving and be far more willing to grow slowly.

LILR 057 | Leading Change & Finding Post Pandemic Clarity with Gene Appel

“People aren’t looking for solutions to problems they don’t understand. I would have spent a lot more time in my younger years selling the problem, rather than selling the solution that people weren’t in the market for.” Since 2008 Gene Appel has been leading Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim, CA. Prior to his long tenure and catalytic leadership at Eastside, he made two successful transitions into the Lead Pastor role. To say he’s an expert in transitioning well is an understatement.

LILR 056 | Ashley Wooldridge on Post Pandemic Momentum and Transitions Leadership

“The most challenging leadership task we’ll ever take on is letting go.” On this episode of Leaders In Living Rooms, Ashley Wooldridge, Lead Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, AZ shares his personal story of the baton handoff with former Lead Pastor, Don Wilson, five years later. Ashley’s unique perspective on transition comes from his time at Intel prior to joining the CCV team. He leans into how differently the secular world does leadership transitions (typically more successfully than the church) and what we can learn from their proven track record.

LILR 055 | Focus and The Mindset of Potential with Larry Osborne

Covid was a black swan event. Something that only happens maybe every twenty years, but completely changes culture. You have the opportunity for a new direction, a new place, a new time. What will you do with it? Meet Larry Osborne from North Coast Church who challenges leaders to understand where they really are today, not where they were two years ago. “Vision is worthless when you only know where you need to go. The starting point is you need to know where you are.”

LILR 054 | Burnout & Sabbatical with Alan Briggs

“I don’t even know what I’m like rested if I live marginless.” Meet Alan Briggs, Director of Culture & Coaching at Stay Forth, an organization passionate about getting leaders healthy. In this episode, Alan addresses burnout, the role sabbaticals play in avoiding it (and how to receive them well).

LILR 053 | Creating Margin, Avoiding Burnout with Jonathan & Lindsey Hansen

Jonathan and Lindsey Hansen moved their two young children and a seventy pound labradoodle across the country. They were packed up and loaded down with passion, excitement, and vision for the church in California God was calling them to lead. What they walked into was a failed transition from the Founding Pastor/Planter, a church split, and a congregation that was in pain from all the change. What they thought would be a new beginning was actually a triage situation of people, of a church, who desperately needed care. In this episode, they reflect back on the “honeymoon phase” of their transition, what they would do differently in hindsight, and what encouragement they would give to others (and themselves) stepping into transition.

LILR 052 | Jay Kim on Staying Curious and Finding Opportunities

Jay Kim’s transition story is so uniquely woven that it puts God’s perfect architecture of our lives on full display. With a story that stems from a longing to lead and a deep calling to shape culture, Jay invites us into the intimate details of his transition from WestGate Church to Vintage Church, and eventually back to WestGate. He talks us through the journey that he’s still on, the right pace of change during his transition, and the opportunities and challenges he faced along the way. “I had to untangle myself enough from my own ego, ambition, and insecurity, to be able to engage the transition process in a healthy way.” His number one piece of advice to leaders in transition? Put yourself in rooms with people who love you, admire you, truly know you, and who will name and shame the stuff that will eat you alive if you allow it. Oh and get comfortable with that feeling.

LILR 050 | The Best Of Leaders in Living Rooms

For just over two years, you’ve been invited into the living rooms of over forty leaders; getting privileged insights into their life that few others have access to. Today’s show is a podcast milestone, marking the fiftieth episode of Leaders in Living Rooms! To celebrate 50 episodes, we’ve compiled seven of the top highlights and learnings from our guests. We invite you to listen in on the “cliff notes” from topics like leading your board well with Jud Wilhite to leading on empty with Wayne Cordeiro. You will be encouraged by all seven of these leaders as they speak incredible words of wisdom over the next generation of church leaders.

LILR 048 | Daniel Grothe on The Power of Place, Staying Rooted, and Transitioning Well

There is both fulfillment and fruitfulness in staying in your current leadership role and in transitioning well to something new if God calls you to go. “We don’t always have to leave to build a life of significance.” Meet Daniel Grothe from New Life Church, Colorado Springs, CO who shares his personal story of the road that led him to stay at New Life. If you are in a season of difficulty at your church, you will be inspired by Daniel’s story. He will encourage you that these are the moments where the spirit of the Lord will empower you to live a vow of stability, so you can stand and stay.

LILR 047 | Seacoast Leadership Transition with Greg and Josh Surratt - Part 2

Part 2 of 2 – Seacoast has been a pioneering church for decades and now continues a legacy of fruitful ministry through a senior leadership transition from father to son. Greg and Josh talk about the highs and lows of that transition and offer sage advice to anyone in a leadership transition.