The Unfair Advantage

With Mike Hickerson
& David Hibiske

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The Unfair Advantage

Church planting is an extreme sport combining the best of entrepreneurship and church leadership. It calls for courage, tenacity, passion, and wisdom. When done right it’s one of the most rewarding endeavors on the planet. When done wrong it causes tremendous heartache and unnecessary pain. Church planters, we want to help you win early and finish strong. This podcast will help you avoid church planting land mines, grow as a leader, and discover practical tools to help you win in your local ministry context!

What Others Are Saying

No coincidence!
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I had the pleasure of sitting next to this brother on the plane as I was travelling back home from a deployment. We talked and he told me about his ministry. Instantly I was intrigued, so I look forward to listening to the podcasts!
So helpful!
Kurt Duggleby
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This is such a helpful resource for those in, coming up to, or coming out of leadership transition in ministry. Such a needed conversation. Feel like it's telling me my own story when I sit and listen, and it often talks me off a ledge and inspires me to keep moving forward.
Great Leadership
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Sean is an incredible leader and has ministry relationships that he shares here that are valuable to anyone looking for the behind-the-scenes of high-powered, high-capacity leaders.
Convo with Brady
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Great host and great content!

About the Host

Mike Hickerson is the Lead Pastor of Mission Church in Ventura, CA. Mike describes himself as a church planter, lucky husband, outnumbered dad of three daughters, Oklahoma Sooner fan, coffee addict, and a struggling surfer.

Your Host

Mike Hickerson

Unfair Advantage

About the Host

David Hibiske is the Pastor of Strategic Ministry Initiatives at Saddleback Church, located in Lake Forest, CA. He’s a husband, dad of three amazing kids, and on his time off he loves backpacking and exploring outdoors. Prior to Saddleback he was able to be a part of two church plants, and is passionate about helping ministry leaders reach their potential.

Your Host

David Hibiske

Unfair Advantage

The Top 10 Keys to a
Fully-Resourced Church Plant

So glad you’re here. I’m passionate about church planters and feel God’s favor in the call to serve you in your ministry. We’d love to connect with you. Go ahead and leave us your name and email address here so we can send you a free copy of our latest church planters resource: The Top 10 Keys to a Fully Resourced Church Plant. We can’t wait to help you go further, faster!


Recent Episodes

5 Bold Convictions on Prayer for Every Church Planter

Prayer—it's not just some spiritual tool you whip out when you need it. Today, Mike Hickerson and David Hibiske talk about how skipping prayer might actually be holding you back more than you think. Starting with pastors’ own private prayer time, Mike and David break down how investing your time and even some cash into prayer can transform the heart of your church. Listen in for practical tips on bringing prayer into your community, making it accessible and meaningful for everyone.

Rick Burge on the Truth About Church Planter Assessments and Building Genuine Partnerships

“If you can’t understand who you are, you’re probably misdiagnosing who other people are.” Meet Rick Burge, a dynamic leader and coach with a passion for identifying, developing, and mentoring high-capacity leaders. Rick walks through a detailed list of key characteristics for church planters wanting to build up healthy partnerships. From basic leadership competencies to tips for handling the pressure of planting, Rick guides us thoughtfully through this conversation of healthy church planting.

Leading Your Plant from a Place of Health & Current Trends

“Jesus has already given us the mission, and He already tells us what heaven celebrates.” Today, Mike Hickerson leads the discussion about trends in church planting, plus key reminders to keep planters in a healthy place of leadership. Find out what planters should be obsessing over, why data is your friend, and why the “rise of ‘nones’” brings hopeful opportunity.

Parenting and Planting

“We overestimate how much energy we need to make an awesome church, and we underestimate how important it is to have a healthy marriage.” Today, we’re joined by hosts Mike Hickerson and David Hibiske in a church-planting conversation centered around the family side of a pastor. Often, in the hustle of church planting, pastors can fall into the trap of prioritizing work over family. This only ends up negatively affecting both the church and your family! Listen in for key takeaways and best practices to maintain strength in your family as you pursue ministry alongside them.

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