LILR 060 | Paramount Topics and Must Listen To Insight on the Road to Future Church with Nancy Beach and Samantha Beach Kiley

“In spite of its brokenness, I still have hope for the local church. And I believe it's still God’s Plan A for reconciling the world.” Meet Nancy Beach and her daughter, Samantha Beach Kiley, two influential leaders of the Church and co-authors of Next Sunday: An Honest Dialogue About the Future of the Church. In this episode, Sean Morgan digs deep with Nancy and Samantha on the future of community, the future of inclusion, and the future of the church.

LILR 051 | Eugene Cho on Clarity of Calling and Self Care

“God’s call upon our lives doesn’t change. Our context may change, but our call never does.” Meet Eugene Cho, former Senior Pastor of Quest Church and President/CEO of Bread of the World. In this episode, Eugene shares insights about God’s calling for your life, defining your life’s values, and practical ways to monitor your health as a church leader. He encourages us to embodied leadership. To show up. When we feel like we have people on every side of the aisle hijacking the message of Jesus… Eugene reminds us how to place Jesus at the center of it all.

LILR 050 | The Best Of Leaders in Living Rooms

For just over two years, you’ve been invited into the living rooms of over forty leaders; getting privileged insights into their life that few others have access to. Today’s show is a podcast milestone, marking the fiftieth episode of Leaders in Living Rooms! To celebrate 50 episodes, we’ve compiled seven of the top highlights and learnings from our guests. We invite you to listen in on the “cliff notes” from topics like leading your board well with Jud Wilhite to leading on empty with Wayne Cordeiro. You will be encouraged by all seven of these leaders as they speak incredible words of wisdom over the next generation of church leaders.

Finding True Rest with Dr. Paul Alexander

In the latest Craft & Character episode, Steve Carter interviews Hope International University President Dr. Paul Alexander about the importance of soul care and his findings in a study he conducted with over 2200 pastors about depression and anxiety in the pastorate. Dr. Alexander is an ordained pastor, licensed therapist, and has a doctorate in organizational leadership. His love for the local church, his compassion for the loneliness from which many pastors suffer, his transparency, and the way in which he walks you through how you can find true rest and care for your soul is deeply refreshing.

At Your Best as a Preacher with Carey Nieuwhof

In the latest Craft & Character episode, Steve Carter interviews author, leader and former senior pastor of Connexus Church Carey Nieuwhof about how to get time, energy and priorities for every preacher working in their favor. Carey speaks candidly about what he learned from burning out and the wisdom he has acquired along the way that will help every single communicator to get out of the stress spiral and live well in the thrive cycle.

The Journey of the Soul with Bill & Kristi Gaultiere

In the latest Craft & Character episode Steve Carter interviews Spiritual Directors Bill & Kristi Gaultiere about the soul journey every pastor and follower goes on to experience more intimacy with Christ. Bill & Kristi run www.soulshepherding.com and have a heart to help people discover the pathway towards emotional honesty, spiritual maturity and how to handle those dark nights of the soul. Bill & Kristi also work with pastors around taking a sabbath break and how to best structure that so your heart, mind and soul can experience true replenishment.

LILR 027 | Wayne Cordeiro Talks Transitions and Leading on Empty

Long-time minister at New Hope Church, Wayne Cordeiro has led through incredible circumstances over the years. Sharing wisdom from the heart, he recounts a long and inspiring trajectory of growth and multiplication. He also recalls a challenging time in his 50s when his multi-faceted ministry was interrupted by a heart attack that forced him to make significant changes to his health as a leader.

Managing Leadership Anxiety with Steve Cuss

For most pastors, there has never been a year filled with more turmoil, tension, criticism, and anxiety than 2020. Our congregations were divided by politics, masks, in-person gatherings, and the appropriate reactions to racism in our country. Pastors struggled with preaching through cameras to invisible congregations while making impossible decisions, where any choice would disrupt half the church. 2020 was filled with leadership anxiety, and many of us were never fully equipped to manage it well. In this episode of Craft & Character, author and pastor Steve Cuss talks with Steve Carter about his book Managing Leadership Anxiety. They review what anxiety actually is and how to best take care of your personal struggles while shepherding your congregation through worry and anxiety.

LILR 019 | Nicky Gumbel on Hope, Worry, Unifying Others & Unlocking the Human Heart with Purpose, Love & Belonging

At the heart of human happiness are purpose, love, and belonging. In this episode, Sean Morgan and Nicky Gumbel discuss how to find hope in the midst of despair, avoiding false hope and worry. After many years of ministry, Nicky explains what he’s learned about how to unify others, respectfully disagree, and become a better questioner.

Rich Villodas on Desiring One Thing as a Preacher

Steve Carter and Rich Villodas have a lively conversation on the Craft & Character podcast about how to stay both prophetic and pastoral as a preacher. The two will dig into Rich’s sermon “Desiring One Thing” that he delivered last September after returning from sabbatical. Rich shares openly and honestly from moments in his leadership when he has spoken out. In addition he shares what practices have shaped him and propelled him to do so. Rich also discusses practices that are crucial for him and the heart behind his forthcoming book, The Deeply Formed Life.