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“Sometimes, you have the grace to receive a vision but not the grace to communicate it.” Meet Chris Fletcher, Lead Pastor of Manna Church in Fayetteville/Ft. Liberty. Today, we get to hear Chris’ insights on leadership transition. We’ll learn about the wisdom of ambiguity in the beginning, what changes with money and leaders as you transition, and the necessity of peer mentorship.

Welcome to Episode 098 of the Leaders in Living Rooms Podcast with Sean Morgan.

Insights From Chris Fletcher


  • Money
    • Money cannot be spent the same. Rather than big events, it transitioned to empowering others.
  • Leaders
    • You need a clear leadership pipeline.
    • Over-communicate the vision on Sundays
    • Empowering people to be the church
    • Small groups are not a ministry of the church–it is the church


  • Transition in many ways feels like the best and most challenging thing.
  • It can be freeing and challenging at the same time.


  • What they did well:
    • Not saying too much, too fast, too soon; There is wisdom in being ambiguous in the beginning. Sometimes, you have the grace to receive a vision but not the grace to communicate it. 
  • What they did not do well:
    • They let ambiguity overstay its welcome.
    • Key- You need clarity on when you are processing and when you are communicating next steps.
    • Written down process of transition
    • They did not include an unbiased third party–this is needed for a healthy transition so you don’t skew challenging decisions.


  • When people were not on board with the vision and left.
  • What helped: joining community within a cohort


  • You need friends before you need them.
  • “The better friend I become, the better interviewer I become” -Chris
  • Peer mentors
    • They don’t have to be many years older. They can be in the same season. 
    • It also doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment.


  • The task might not change, but how you rally around it can change. So, allow the space for the team to process that. 
  • Be clear on what you are clear on. 
  • Is leadership lonely?
    • The decisions don’t change, but the weight of them does. So leaders feel that weight differently when they are making decisions.
    • Learn to lean on and process with your spouse.

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If you’re a leader approaching a succession or transition. Or maybe you’re a few years in and beginning to see how complex transitions leadership is… go to The Art of Pastoral Succession and check out my brand new course in partnership with Carey Nieuwhof. 

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Who is Chris Fletcher?

Chris Fletcher is the Lead Pastor of Manna Church in Fayetteville/Ft. Liberty. He is married to Rachel and the couple has four children. Chris has a B.A. in Music Performance from Campbell University and an M.A. in Christian Leadership from Grace College of Divinity (now Manna University). He is the Vice President of the Fayetteville Soccer Club and a staff coach at the Villareal Force Soccer Academy.


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Quotes From Episode

“You can change the world. We can help.”

“However high you hold the bar, people will rise to meet that expectation.”

“Transition, in many ways, feels like the best and most challenging thing.”

“Sometimes, you have the grace to receive a vision but not the grace to communicate it.”

“You need friends before you need them.”

“You can’t wait until the storm shows up to start building the shelter.” ~Sean Morgan

“Remember to look at life through the lens of all that God has done in the last decades.”

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