LILR 109 | Daniel Im on Avoiding Being a Leadership Chameleon

“Church growth isn’t what’s propelling us forward—it’s the Great Commission.” Meet Daniel Im, pastor, Bible teacher, writer, and podcast host with a passion for the local church. In this episode, Sean and Daniel explore the delicate balance between pastoral care and visionary leadership, emphasizing the importance of maintaining both to avoid becoming stagnant. Daniel shares his insights on the evolving dynamics of discipleship and evangelism, arguing for a reliance on the Holy Spirit's work in sparking interest in the things of God.

Good Things Happen When Leaders Gather

One of the most important jobs of a leader is to stay encouraged. Discouragement drains energy, blocks vision, and gets passed on to those we lead, and because of that it is our responsibility to be in situations and with people who encourage us.

Now It's Time To Communicate

Getting to the finish line on making a decision can be exhausting and the wave that washes over us once resolve and resolution are reached is just peaceful enough to tempt us into believing that the hard work is done. In reality, we’ve simply finished the swim portion in the triathlon of leadership

LILR 108 | Sean Morgan on One Thing You’re Getting Wrong When Making Decisions

Your systems of decision-making have the potential to bring greater clarity to who you are and how you do things. Today, Sean Morgan discusses how level-five leaders frame each decision with a silver-bullet technique, and how it can lead toward momentum every time.

Setting the Tone for a Great Weekend Experience

Today, we're discussing the crucial role of weekend services for church planters, emphasizing their importance for spiritual growth, welcoming first-time guests, and creating momentum. David outlines four key ways to enhance weekend experiences: setting the tone spiritually through personal devotion and prayer, culturally by reinforcing vision and excellence, strategically for guest outreach by lowering anxiety and ensuring clarity, and aligning all teams and ministries to work cohesively. Hibiske encourages church planters to prioritize spiritual readiness, inspect and improve cultural standards, focus on guest experiences, and foster team alignment to drive growth and engagement in their churches.

LILR 107 | John Ortberg on Detaching Identity from Performance

Today’s episode is all about the complexities of life after ministry, exploring how the roles we inhabit can become intertwined with our identities. John discusses the importance of separating one's identity from his or her role, the challenges faced in transitioning from local church ministry, and the significance of cultivating deep and meaningful relationships. John shares insights from his own journey, emphasizing the necessity of vulnerability, intentionality, and daily obedience in serving God joyfully.

LILR 106 | James Grogan on What Sparks Momentum

Navigating change in churches requires courage, vision, and a willingness to adapt. By fostering a culture of adaptability, celebrating wins, and grounding decisions in biblical principles, churches can embrace momentum for growth and impact. As leaders prioritize clarity, focus, and inclusivity, they pave the way for a thriving future rooted in faith and resilience.

Unveiling the 7 Game-Changing Shifts in the First 2 Years

Whether you're planting a church or leading one, these seven shifts will be pivotal in the first two years of development. They set the tone for a community's growth and impact. Remember, it's about a long obedience in the same direction. Take it step by step, and give yourself and your team the grace to grow.

LILR 105 | From Splant to 2x Growth with Jeremiah Ramer (Momentum Part 2)

In this episode, we hear the inspiring journey of Pastor Jeremiah Ramer, the lead pastor of Crossroads Church located between Odessa and Midland, West Texas. From a cross-country move with unexpected transitions to the challenges of stepping into leadership that would soon endure a church split, Jeremiah shares his remarkable experiences and the incredible growth his church has seen in recent years.

LILR 104 | Ray Johnston on The Surprising Secret to Building Momentum

“The smartest leaders get the most help.” Meet Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor of Bayside Church. In today’s episode, Johnston explains the surprising secret to building momentum-and it all begins with encouragement. When we understand the types of support needed, the gaps between our “challenge level” and our “support level,” and the most effective way to share vision, we’re on our way to momentum in the church.

5 Bold Convictions on Prayer for Every Church Planter

Prayer—it's not just some spiritual tool you whip out when you need it. Today, Mike Hickerson and David Hibiske talk about how skipping prayer might actually be holding you back more than you think. Starting with pastors’ own private prayer time, Mike and David break down how investing your time and even some cash into prayer can transform the heart of your church. Listen in for practical tips on bringing prayer into your community, making it accessible and meaningful for everyone.

LILR 103 | Joel Muddamalle on Pride and Humility

Dr. Joel Muddamalle, Director of Theology and Research at Proverbs 31 Ministries, joins us on today’s episode of the Leaders in Living Rooms podcast. Addressing the topics of pride and humility, Dr. Joel urges a theological shift in our view of success. He outlines three fundamental steps for cultivating the necessary humility as a leader: recognition, reflection, and community. Listen to today’s episode for practical advice on honest accountability and transparency in your leadership.

LILR 102 | Les McKeown on Connecting the Leadership Dots

Today, we welcome Les McKeown, author of "Predictable Success," to the podcast! Listen in to hear his insights on pattern recognition, self-awareness, and honesty in effective leadership. He encourages leaders to confront the internal voice of imposter syndrome in order to conquer it.

Rick Burge on the Truth About Church Planter Assessments and Building Genuine Partnerships

“If you can’t understand who you are, you’re probably misdiagnosing who other people are.” Meet Rick Burge, a dynamic leader and coach with a passion for identifying, developing, and mentoring high-capacity leaders. Rick walks through a detailed list of key characteristics for church planters wanting to build up healthy partnerships. From basic leadership competencies to tips for handling the pressure of planting, Rick guides us thoughtfully through this conversation of healthy church planting.

LILR 101 | Sam Chand on Leadership Fitness and the Fallacy of Balance

“You will grow only to the threshold of your pain.” Meet Sam Chand, author and leadership consultant who serves leaders worldwide as they seek personal and organizational growth. Sam expands on the topic of leadership pain in today’s episode. He asks pastors two key questions when discerning their leadership health. And while there is no such thing as “balance” in ministry, listen to Sam’s wisdom in navigating health amid “ministry spurts.”

Dating Your City

In 2012, my wife and I were trying to figure out where God was calling us to plant a church. Through a dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, we landed on a few things we were looking for in a city that we would move to, plant roots in and raise our family. We had this mentality that if we were going to love the people of our city, then we had to love our city. Meaning, if we hated things about our city, like the traffic, the growth, the lack of good restaurants, etc, then that would come out in our interaction with people. It would be very difficult to love the people of a city, if we hated the city.

LILR 100 | Guest Host Josh Surratt Asks Sean Anything

“Trust comes from relationships.” Today, you’ll be hearing a familiar voice from the podcast. We’re flipping the script on episode 100, and Sean Morgan is interviewed today by Josh Surratt, Lead Pastor at Seacoast Church. How can we learn intentional leadership development from the military? What makes it easier to follow a lead pastor and make space for high-level leaders on your team? Listen in for Sean’s perspective and wisdom for these questions.

Leading Your Plant from a Place of Health & Current Trends

“Jesus has already given us the mission, and He already tells us what heaven celebrates.” Today, Mike Hickerson leads the discussion about trends in church planting, plus key reminders to keep planters in a healthy place of leadership. Find out what planters should be obsessing over, why data is your friend, and why the “rise of ‘nones’” brings hopeful opportunity.

LILR 099 | Wayne Cordeiro on Resiliency and the Leadership Pivot

“Sometimes God says, ‘That was a nice idea, but it wasn’t a divine vision.’” Meet Dr. Wayne Cordeiro, founding pastor of the New Hope International Ministry. With inspiring insight into the nuances and necessities of pivoting as leaders, Pastor Wayne gives helpful cues to build resiliency in a way that healthily impacts your church.


Recently I’ve struggled to find the right approach to my time with the Lord each morning. It’s not been a matter of consistency, but rather impact on my walk vs. the routine of checking a box...