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The Importance of a Pastor’s Pace of Sabbath Rest

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“Our enemy hates that we’re taking days of rest.” Meet Brady Boyd, Senior Pastor of New Life Church. Today’s episode is a reminder of the crucial ways Sabbath rest refuels a pastor’s soul. On a weekly basis, pastors carry an emotional and often traumatic weight as they shepherd their congregations. Today, Pastor Brady encourages all leaders to incorporate healthy rhythms that will make space for pastors to be able to sustain a ministry for the long haul.

Welcome to Episode 095 of the Leaders in Living Rooms Podcast with Sean Morgan.

Insights From Brady Boyd


  • Most pastors confuse a day off with a Sabbath day. 
    • You might be “present” but not available for those around you.
  • Plan to live an unplanned day on Sabbath
    • Sabbath is an unhurried conversation all day long with God and those closest to you.
    • You’re probably more tired than you think.
    • Sabbath deals with restoring your soul. 
  • Guardrails from your team to allow for Sabbath
    • You need gatekeepers + filters on your phone 
  • Prioritizing Sabbath prioritizes your personal relationship with God, and it restores your call to ministry.


  • There is an emotional cost to preaching. 
  • You need an outlet for all the trauma you’re taking in.
  • Three elements need to be refueled weekly for pastors: 
    • Physical: work out, eat healthy, recover from the weekend 
    • Emotional: Staying home on Mondays, reading fiction, listening to music
    • Spiritually: Receiving from the Lord, make sure your soul is being restored


  • Get into the rhythm of resting well now. 
  • Jesus (in His early 30s) often withdrew from the crowds to pray. 
  • We need to get more comfortable with silence as pastors. 
  • Why some pastors have trouble with margin in life.
    • The root of insecurity (Insecurity is the belief that God is standing by not helping and that you’re on your own.)
    • Fear of disappointing people.


  • There is far more good happening in the local church than you know.
  • Don’t give in to the constant criticism. There are hidden works being done. There are faithful pastors. The gates of hell won’t prevail over the local Church.

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Who is Brady Boyd

Brady Boyd has served as the Senior Pastor of New Life Church for nearly fifteen years. Under Brady’s leadership, New Life Church has grown to eight congregations, and its unique team-teaching method has become a model for churches around the world. Brady is the cohost of The Essential Church Podcast and hosts conferences including the Essential Church Learning Community, Desperation, and Gathering. His commitment to tangibly care for the people of Colorado Springs has birthed Dream Centers and Mary’s Home. He has written eight books: Oceans of Grace, Extravagant, Remarkable, Speak Life, Addicted to Busy, Fear No Evil, Sons & Daughters, and Let Her Lead. (All are available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.) Brady earned his degree in Journalism from Louisiana Tech where he also was the Sports Editor for his college newspaper. His love for sports led to his announcing career for professional baseball and basketball teams prior to serving at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas for nearly seven years. Brady lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Pam, and their two adult children.


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Quotes From Episode

“Most pastors confuse a day off with a Sabbath day.”

“Our enemy hates that we’re taking days of rest.”

“We need to empty ourselves of ourselves every day.”

“I work well when I rest well.”

“You need to entertain more silence in your life. Welcome it. Desire it. Seek it out.” 

“We’re all interim pastors.”

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