Jeremiah Ramer

From Splant to 2x Growth with Jeremiah Ramer (Momentum Part 2)

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In this episode, we hear the inspiring journey of Pastor Jeremiah Ramer, the lead pastor of Crossroads Church located between Odessa and Midland, West Texas. From a cross-country move with unexpected transitions to the challenges of stepping into leadership that would soon endure a church split, Jeremiah shares his remarkable experiences and the incredible growth his church has seen in recent years.

  • Heart for Evangelism: Jeremiah’s passion for reaching lost people has been central to his leadership in various contexts, including his current role. His dedication to reaching people regardless of demographics has been instrumental in setting the culture of his church.
  • Handling Challenges: Jeremiah faced a significant challenge in the form of a potential church split. He chose to take a high-road approach, which ultimately set the culture of the church and demonstrated his commitment to reaching unchurched people.
  • Leadership Growth: Through challenges and trials, Jeremiah grew as a leader. He learned the importance of humility and endurance, realizing that difficult times provide opportunities for self-reflection and growth.
  • Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Instead of viewing the church split as solely negative, Jeremiah saw it as an opportunity for a potential kingdom win. He decided to turn the split into a church plant, demonstrating his commitment to the broader mission of spreading the gospel.
  • Shared Leadership and Systems Development: Jeremiah emphasizes the importance of shared leadership and the continuous development of systems within the church. He acknowledges the need for systems to evolve as the church grows and prioritizes investing in people and structures to support the church’s mission.
  • Future Growth and Development: Jeremiah is focused on continued growth and development, both personally and within the church. He encourages others to learn from their experiences and remain agile in their approach to leadership and ministry.

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Who is Jeremiah Ramer?

Jeremiah Ramer is the Lead Pastor of CROSSROADS Church in Odessa, Texas since July of 2020. Jeremiah is passionate about introducing those far from God to the transforming power of Jesus.  It is his goal to mobilize and encourage believers at every stage to maximize their lives to impact the community and the world with God’s love.     

He was born and raised in Texas. After graduating High School in Celina, Texas, Jeremiah attended Rice University where he pursued his business degree and played football. While at Rice, God called him into ministry and he transferred to Taylor University where he studied Bible Exposition. He has nearly completed a Masters of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Jeremiah has been in ministry since 2003 as a Student Pastor and has a heart for reaching this generation with the gospel as well as inspiring and encouraging the church to reach students and families. 

He has served and led in different pastoral roles such as High School & College Pastor, Student Ministry Pastor, Family & Teaching Pastor and most recently as an Outreach & Teaching Pastor at Community Presbyterian Church in Danville, California.

Jeremiah is a family man and he and his wife, Tessa, have been married for 18 years this November. They have four beautiful daughters. Kenna is 12, Kollins is 10, Charleston is 7, and Chayse is 3.


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