Leaders in Living Rooms

With Sean Morgan

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Join Us in the Living Room

When you’re invited into someone’s living room, you get privileged insights into their life that few others have access to.

That’s the sort of intimate atmosphere of Leaders in Living Rooms.

Start listening now for a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of the leaders you love, follow, listen to, and read.

New episodes drop every other week.

What Others Are Saying

No coincidence!
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I had the pleasure of sitting next to this brother on the plane as I was travelling back home from a deployment. We talked and he told me about his ministry. Instantly I was intrigued, so I look forward to listening to the podcasts!
So helpful!
Kurt Duggleby
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This is such a helpful resource for those in, coming up to, or coming out of leadership transition in ministry. Such a needed conversation. Feel like it's telling me my own story when I sit and listen, and it often talks me off a ledge and inspires me to keep moving forward.
Great Leadership
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Sean is an incredible leader and has ministry relationships that he shares here that are valuable to anyone looking for the behind-the-scenes of high-powered, high-capacity leaders.
Convo with Brady
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Great host and great content!

About the Host

Sean Morgan is a coach and speaker with a national reputation as a catalyst of fresh vision. His passion is to help ministries navigate obstacles and turn them into opportunities.

Throughout his career, Sean has pioneered initiatives impacting thousands of leaders across the country. He started out serving as Executive Pastor and CFO at New Life Church in northern California.

As host, Sean gives you access to amazing conversations, hard-won wisdom, and poignant insights from world-class leaders in intimate “living room” settings.

Your Host

Sean Morgan

Leaders in Living Rooms
Craft & Character

Recent Episodes

LILR 054 | Burnout & Sabbatical with Alan Briggs

“I don’t even know what I’m like rested if I live marginless.” Meet Alan Briggs, Director of Culture & Coaching at Stay Forth, an organization passionate about getting leaders healthy. In this episode, Alan addresses burnout, the role sabbaticals play in avoiding it (and how to receive them well).

LILR 053 | Creating Margin, Avoiding Burnout with Jonathan & Lindsey Hansen

Jonathan and Lindsey Hansen moved their two young children and a seventy pound labradoodle across the country. They were packed up and loaded down with passion, excitement, and vision for the church in California God was calling them to lead. What they walked into was a failed transition from the Founding Pastor/Planter, a church split, and a congregation that was in pain from all the change. What they thought would be a new beginning was actually a triage situation of people, of a church, who desperately needed care. In this episode, they reflect back on the “honeymoon phase” of their transition, what they would do differently in hindsight, and what encouragement they would give to others (and themselves) stepping into transition.

LILR 052 | Jay Kim on Staying Curious and Finding Opportunities

Jay Kim’s transition story is so uniquely woven that it puts God’s perfect architecture of our lives on full display. With a story that stems from a longing to lead and a deep calling to shape culture, Jay invites us into the intimate details of his transition from WestGate Church to Vintage Church, and eventually back to WestGate. He talks us through the journey that he’s still on, the right pace of change during his transition, and the opportunities and challenges he faced along the way. “I had to untangle myself enough from my own ego, ambition, and insecurity, to be able to engage the transition process in a healthy way.” His number one piece of advice to leaders in transition? Put yourself in rooms with people who love you, admire you, truly know you, and who will name and shame the stuff that will eat you alive if you allow it. Oh and get comfortable with that feeling.

LILR 051 | Eugene Cho on Clarity of Calling and Self Care

“God’s call upon our lives doesn’t change. Our context may change, but our call never does.” Meet Eugene Cho, former Senior Pastor of Quest Church and President/CEO of Bread of the World. In this episode, Eugene shares insights about God’s calling for your life, defining your life’s values, and practical ways to monitor your health as a church leader. He encourages us to embodied leadership. To show up. When we feel like we have people on every side of the aisle hijacking the message of Jesus… Eugene reminds us how to place Jesus at the center of it all.

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