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Resiliency and the Leadership Pivot

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“Sometimes God says, ‘That was a nice idea, but it wasn’t a divine vision.’” Meet Dr. Wayne Cordeiro, founding pastor of the New Hope International Ministry. With inspiring insight into the nuances and necessities of pivoting as leaders, Pastor Wayne gives helpful cues to build resiliency in a way that healthily impacts your church. 

Welcome to Episode 099 of the Leaders in Living Rooms Podcast with Sean Morgan.

Insights From Wayne Cordeiro


  • The ability to pivot is crucial.
  • Leaders need to build an inspiration package–what do you do when you have little left in your tank?
  • Leaders creating margin
    • You have a limit–push through it and increase your margin. 
    • We never increase our margin…because we don’t break the quitting points.
  • 5-minute rule
    • Spending just five more minutes on a problem can lead to a breakthrough.
  • It’s easier to quit, but real relationships require working through tough situations. Our culture has made it so easy to move on.
  • Self-centric
    • Our culture is catered to individuals. We’re fighting against this to stay balanced.


  • Find someone who can speak into your life when “lightning strikes.”
  • A “lightning rod” mentor acts as a preventer of burnout for leaders.
  • This kind of mentor helps you sift through your problems. 
  • Put practices in place: being calm, thinking through a problem until it starts to work for you, etc.


  • When we get a vision, we often forget about timing, cadence, and rhythm.
  • Pivoting often looks like changing timing versus vision.
  • The director of the orchestra sets the timing–not you.
  • You might pivot timing/cadence/rhythm if pushback comes from exhaustion, but you deal with it directly if it’s coming from fear.
  • Be patient and wait.


  • You set the tone–if you’re fearful, they will be fearful. 
  • When your team sees that you’re willing to pivot, their respect for you will increase.


  • There’s a difference between changing the angle of your approach and changing the course altogether.

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Resilient Leadership 2.0, by Bob Duggen


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Who is Dr. Wayne Cordeiro?

Dr. Wayne Cordeiro is the founding pastor of the New Hope International Ministry beginning in 1984 in Hilo, Hawaii. In 1995, he relocated to Honolulu and pioneered New Hope Oahu. Within 10 years, NHO was listed among the ten most innovative churches in America. Outreach Magazine listed them as one of the “top five churches to learn from.” New Hope has seen over 120,000 first-time decisions in Hawaii since its inception and has planted 153 churches on the West Coast and in Okinawa, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, and Australia. Wayne is an author of over 14 books and speaks globally on ministry and leadership. He also designed the Life Journal and the SOAP method for daily devotions used by thousands of churches. He is also the general editor of the LifeConnect Study Bible. In 2017, he passed the leadership baton in Hawaii and relocated to Eugene, Oregon to be president of New Hope Christian College (formerly Eugene Bible College, his alma mater). New Hope Christian College highlights the development of both the message and the messenger. (For more information, go to Newhope.edu). In 2020, he pioneered New Hope West which partners with New Hope Christian College. It has become a “lab church” for ministry and leadership development. Wayne’s life themes are emphasizing the Word of God, a daily devotion to Jesus, evangelism, church planting, leadership development, communication, and redeeming the arts and technology for Christ. Wayne and his wife, Anna are approaching 50 years of marriage. They have three married children (Amy Hisaoka, Aaron Cordeiro, and Abigail Rivest) and nine grandchildren. His hobbies include music, reading, golf, pickleball, and riding his horse.


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Quotes From Episode

“We never increase our margin…because we don’t break the quitting points.”

“It just may be that your success is just on the other side of ‘quit.’”

“Thank God for lightning rods that come with the balm of Gilead rather than the bat of Babe Ruth.”

“It’s practices we have to put into place that give us the calm and the protection before the storm hits.”

“One of the dangerous things with strong leaders is they don’t get buy-in.”

“Sometimes God says that was a nice idea, but it wasn’t a divine vision.”

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