Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Ascent for?

The Ascent serves three categories of church leaders: 1) lead pastors in transition at an existing church, 2) lead pastors and church communicators entrusted to communicate scripture to large audiences and, 3) church planting pastors who are looking to gain life long ministry friendships, wisdom from some of the best church planting mentors, and practical guidance for your church and family.

Do I have to be a pastor?

Nope! No matter the title you hold, if you’re a ministry leader, then The Ascent is for you.

How long does a cohort last?

Approximately one year.

What happens in a cohort?

Cohorts are designed to help you grow and develop as a person of God and as a leader, pastor, and influencer. To that end, you and your cohort will connect over several in-person gatherings in intimate, living room settings.

Your cohort gatherings begin with an evening meal and fellowship. The following day, you’ll go deeper into transformative, insightful, and exclusive conversations with top-tier mentors and coaches. The last day of the gathering is designed to help you cement your learning and build bonds of trust with your peers.

How do I join a cohort?

Check out our cohorts here, and when you’ve found one of interest, click APPLY to begin the process.

How will I be paired with a coach?

After you apply, we’ll work with you to make sure you get into just the right cohort and are paired with the best coach to help you develop the skills you need in your unique season of leadership.

I completed a cohort. What’s next?

Congratulations! Consider signing up for another cohort, and invite a friend or coworker to join you. Since each cohort is uniquely designed with hand-selected mentors and coaches, your next cohort experience will offer you new and different opportunities to grow and learn.