Sean Morgan

Recently I’ve struggled to find the right approach to my time with the Lord each morning. It’s not been a matter of consistency, but rather impact on my walk vs. the routine of checking a box.

Whether it be certain studies, using or not using tech, expository or topical, I experienced overall what I would call a lackluster fervor.

I was so focused on getting traction, at one point I had a 149 day streak on the Bible App, but it wasn’t transforming me.

What I didn’t do was give up. In fact I often am the last to leave something. That dedication started paying off in little ways. …And then in mid 2023 there was breakthrough.

My friend Rich Villodas described his approach to his quiet time and given my plateau, I decided to give Rich’s approach a try. I knew immediately it was a game changer.

I’ll describe what I’m now doing daily with my time, but I first want to explain the reason why I’m writing this blog post is not to get you to do what I’m doing, but rather to encourage you to:

#1 remain consistent in giving your best time to the Lord, and

#2 remain open to how you might use that time to soften up your stoney stubborn heart and develop a warm receptive heart for what God desires to grow in you. That’s how I would describe my journey anyways!

What I’m doing with my quiet time can be done in as little as 10 minutes, other times it’s 45 minutes to an hour..

I typically start my quiet time outdoors by a fireplace with a fresh cup of coffee. I do it at a time when I’m unlikely to be interrupted and I feel like I can be ‘still’ in body and spirit.

Once I feel a sense of calm I go through the following rhythm:

  • Several minutes reflecting to God what I’m thankful for
  • Several minutes reflecting on my emotional state, naming my emotions and even describing why I feel that way
  • Several minutes reflecting what word or direction God has for me
  • Next I read a chapter of Psalms and a chapter of a Gospel. Sometimes a Proverb as well.
  • Lastly, I go to God in prayer. During this entire time I try to have my spirit in a prayer like state, I do however close in prayer which for me is usually 10-15 minutes with my eyes open and I’m simply laying requests, fears, goals, sins, etc. before God and listening to his promptings.

I hope this encourages you personally.

Thanks for letting me speak into your life in this way and also a huge thanks to Rich for sharing in a way that sparked a renewal in me.



Sean started out in ministry serving in a San Francisco area church plant as their Executive Pastor.  He went on to help coach and consult with church leaders across the country and eventually founded The Ascent Leader, a first of its kind organization focusing on relational leadership development for local church pastors.

He also hosts the Leaders In Living Rooms podcast.

Sean recently retired from a 26 year career as a KC-10 pilot in the US Air Force Reserve.

His favorite titles are “Stacy’s husband” and “Kaylee and Ayden’s dad.”

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