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Craft and Character | 051 | Ryan Roach, Abby Stuckle, Rachel Koch, Christian Schmitt


This week Steve Carter chops it up with four recipients of the 2022 Preaching Today Preaching Award: Ryan Roach (Western), Abby Stuckle (George W. Truett), Rachel Koch (Denver), and Christian Schmitt (Gorden-Conwell). This award is given on the basis of faithful exposition, clarity, creativity, application, and delivery. 

These students beautifully embody not just the excellence of world-class theological education, but also the humility of Jesus. They tackle some hard-hitting homiletics topics like:

  • How to preach in a multiethnic church.
  • Why preachers should know their passage AND their people well.
  • Why expository preaching is a gift to the preacher and congregation.
  • How to preach in a way your audience can absorb and process.
  • The pros and cons of Haddon Robinson’s legendary “big idea” preaching model.

This episode will add tools to your belt as a preacher while infusing you with hope about the quality of today’s rising expositors. 

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You can read each guest’s award-winning sermon here


“If you can preach to a middle schooler, you can preach to anyone!” – Steve Carter

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As host, Steve sits down with ministry leaders to talk about the art of mastering communication while growing in personal character.

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