Julian Lowe

Battling Pride and the Racial Divide

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“If you do nothing, the devil braids the church’s success and the health of your soul together, and he makes you think it’s the same thing.” Meet Julian Lowe, Lead Pastor at Oasis LA. In today’s episode, we hear a vulnerable and insightful look at what succession in leadership looked like for Julian. With honesty and transparency, we hear about challenges of humility, how gratitude can accompany obedience, and distinguishing your personal relationship with Jesus from the church you lead.

Welcome to Episode 087 of the Leaders in Living Rooms Podcast with Sean Morgan.

Insights From Julian


  • Humility- It’s easy to get comfortable and begin to move fast and make decisions without consulting the exiting pastor. This was a struggle. 
  • Founding pastors statistically struggle with letting go of the preaching. Julian’s predecessor did it well, so he was almost unprepared for the immediate space for casting vision.
  • Spiritual weight of the church.


  • Julian attended therapy with his predecessor to process the transition healthily.


  • It felt as if he could only maintain the status quo or make it worse.
  • Even when he tried to strategically make different choices, staff still left.
  • It feels as if all the glory for good things goes to God–but all the failures are attributed to the pastor.


  • Julian thought he said yes to growth, fruit, and a vision in ministry. But, he was actually saying yes to stewarding a church through a difficult time.
  • Put your “yes” on the table (without labels).
  • It was 3.5 years of obedience before there was gratitude for the role.


  • Associating the church’s wellness with personal wellness and vice versa. 
  • “If you do nothing, the devil braids the church’s success and the health of your soul together, and he makes you think it’s the same thing.”
  • God is asking me to feed His sheep. That’s my job.
  • You need to measure your relationship with God apart from the church.


  • The church is developing people to be in unity and community, and feeding people with God’s Word.
  • The non-profit is the staff and what is raised and built.
  • Separating these can be helpful to discern what is healthy and what is not. Just because your finances are unhealthy doesn’t necessarily mean your church is unhealthy.


  • The question is, are people experiencing love? If not, they are experiencing hate–biblically speaking.
  • Hate is the absence of love. 
  • There are nuances we need to talk about as brothers and sisters in Christ–not enemies.

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Who is Julian Lowe?

Pastor Julian Lowe is a passionate and humorous teacher of God’s Word who began following Jesus after a career in the music industry. After being introduced to Oasis by a friend — it is there he met his wife Christina, a Florida native, who moved to LA in 2007 to pursue a 10+ year career in the film industry. They were married in 2012 and after years of serving, became Lead Pastors of Oasis Church in October 2019. Through their passion to reach the city of Los Angeles, their goal is to have the church be a true family. They are always down for a dance battle or karaoke night with friends – and they are also convicted to continually learn to live the lifestyle of Jesus. Julian and Christina live in Los Angeles with their two children – Bailey and Dallas.


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Quotes From Episode

“If you do nothing, the devil braids the church’s success and the health of your soul together, and he makes you think it’s the same thing.”

“One of the biggest versions of pride…is ‘because I’ve answered the call, I deserve clarity.’”

“If someone isn’t experiencing your love, biblically they are experiencing your hate.”

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