We use our unique cohort model to serve transitions leaders, executive pastors, and church planters.

The Ascent Leader has helped 300+ pastors connect with other leaders and learn from world-class mentors. You don’t have to lead your church alone.

For pastors with an upcoming succession into the lead role or who have recently transitioned into the lead pastor role. 

For pastors leading from the second chair. Managing the operations, staff, and culture of their church.

Lead pastors planting a new church. Typically our cohorts serve planters best in the pre-launch through year three phases. 

"As a pastor, people clamor for your wisdom all the time. But you can’t give it if you’re not continually letting other experienced leaders feed into you. Is anybody in your life pouring wisdom into you? You need that kind of encouragement if you want to be a wise leader.”

Pastor Rick Warren


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Elevate Your Leadership

The Ascent is a year-long development program designed to engage ministry leaders in transparent conversations and one-on-one coaching with world-class leaders.

Structured around relational cohorts with 6–9 peers, The Ascent helps you grow your skills and develop your character.

With behind-the-scenes access to global leaders, you’ll learn from mentors who can speak into your life with accuracy and insight.

Featured Mentors

Chris Brown
Senior Pastor, North Coast Church
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"I have been involved in a lot of cohorts and been invited to many others, but there is nothing out there like the Ascent. The excuse is that no one in leadership really has time for something like this, but the reality is that no one should be taking on the responsibilities of leadership without being in a group like this."
Josh Surratt
Lead Pastor, Seacoast Church
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"Instrumental to my ministry leadership! Everything exceeded my expectations. The best cohort gathering I’ve been a part of."
Kevin Queen
Lead Pastor, Cross Point Church
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"One of the most moving, important, and needed times in my leadership journey."
Jeff Dart
Lead Pastor, Brookside Church
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"This has been the opportunity of a lifetime! I can't wait to dive into a second year!"
Aaron Brockett
Lead Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church
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"I have a renewed excitement for ministry each time my cohort meets. I joined a few years ago and keep coming back…it’s like I found my tribe."
Joel Thomas
Lead Pastor, Buckhead Church
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"My experience in the Ascent Cohort has been the single greatest contribution to my spiritual, emotional and practical development as a leader in the most challenging season I’ve faced to date."