Based on what was missing in my own leadership development, The Ascent is designed to help leaders navigate leadership in 3 unique ways:

  • Access.  The story behind the story is deeper than the story.  You get the story in a book or from a keynote, but you get access to the story behind the story in private conversations
  • Transparency.  Content is everywhere, what leaders need is high capacity peers and engaging conversation
  • Accountability.  We engage all year long together to journey through advancing our teams and personal growth

I hope you’ll take a leap and join us for what our current cohort members believe is the most impactful leadership development they’ve been a part of.

A mentor is someone who is willing to give you advice that isn't in the best interest for them. It takes a real mentor to put you first.

- Caroline Ghosn -


N.T. Wright

Theologian, New Testament Scholar, Retired Anglican Bishop

Jud Wilhite

Senior Pastor
Central Church

Michael Todd

Lead Pastor
Transformation Church

Carey Nieuwhof

Teaching and Founding Pastor
Connexus Church

Herbert Cooper

People's Church

Nicky Gumbel

Pioneer of Alpha and Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton

Aaron Brockett

Lead Pastor
Traders Point Christian Church

Dave Ferguson

Lead Pastor
Community Christian Church

Jeff Vines

Lead Pastor
Christ Church of the Valley San Dimas

Pete Wynter

Leadership Pastor
Holy Trinity Brompton

Laurie Beshore

Founding Pastor for Outreach Ministries, Mariners Church

Kenton Beshore

Pastor Emeritus
Mariners Church

Brady Boyd

Senior Pastor
New Life Church

Drew Sherman

Lead Pastor
Compass Christian Church

Paul Brunner

Executive Pastor
Flatirons Community Church

Tommy Politz

Senior Pastor
Hillside Christian Church

Mike Bodine

Executive Pastor
Central Church

Steve Carter

Pastor + Teacher + Writer

Beth Ganem

Executive Pastor
Mariners Church

Mark Venti

Executive Pastor

Greg Lindsey

Lead Pastor
Discovery Church

Larry Osborne

North Coast Church

John Ortberg

Senior Pastor
Menlo Church

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