Craft & Character

With Steve Carter

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There’s No Power in Preaching Without Transformation

As a preacher, are you just transmitting information? Or are you speaking from a transformed place?

You can’t preach God’s Word well without first being personally transformed by it.

Learn to Lead With Character

Craft & Character is for pastors and church communicators who want to work on their craft while learning to lead with character.

In each episode, host Steve Carter sits down with other church leaders to discuss the persistent need to pursue powerful communication alongside godly character and transformation.

Tune in to learn how to bring your full self to the platform each time you preach. New episodes drop every other week.

What Others Are Saying

As a pastor, this podcast is a breath of fresh air!
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I love this podcast. It’s helping me grow in profound ways!
Absolute Joy!
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This new podcast with my friend Steve Carter and his team at Craft & Character is so vital for leaders. Steve is an absolute joy of a person and his character is bigger than his desire to be known. Listen to this every time an episode drops and you won’t be disappointed, in fact you will be transformed!
Baby Girl Daughter
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If you want practical information on how to become a great communicator...THIS IS IT!
Essential for Growth
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I love being able to hear from Steve and other incredible leaders. I really relate to Steve being an Enneagram 3. He really has incredible leaders on who lead with character, and that is the most important thing. Time after time Steve proves his character in his life and really reflects how to lead others in his own life. I greatly respect him, and this podcast. It’s came at a perfect time in my life. I love being encouraged in my craft.
Profound, Powerful, and Practical
rob lyons
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This is the best podcast on the craft of preaching I've seen. I love that we get to listen to an excerpt from messages and talk about specifics of what made it work. Super profound and practical. Opened my eyes to new voices in the church who have challenged and encouraged me.

About the Host

Steve Carter is a renowned pastor, speaker, author, and the former lead teaching pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago.

As host, Steve sits down with ministry leaders to talk about the art of mastering communication while growing in personal character.

Steve Carter

Your Host

Steve Carter

Craft & Character

Recent Episodes

Help is Here with Max Lucado

“I can’t do another meeting. I don’t want to preach another sermon. Lord, help me!”  Two years into his pastorate, Max Lucado offered this prayer as a last-ditch effort to stay in ministry. God answered him, and now decades later, he’s written a new book that offers hope and wisdom to others feeling burned out and wiped out.

The Best of You with Dr. Alison Cook

In Christian circles, thinking about yourself is often labeled selfish. Psychologist and theologian Dr. Alison Cook pushes back on this assumption, explaining why caring for yourself is actually the best way to care for others.

Learnings from Seminary with Preaching Today’s Biblical Preaching Award Winners

This week Steve Carter chops it up with four recipients of the 2022 Preaching Today Preaching Award: Ryan Roach (Western), Abby Stuckle (George W. Truett), Rachel Koch (Denver), and Christian Schmitt (Gorden-Conwell). This award is given on the basis of faithful exposition, clarity, creativity, application, and delivery. 

The Required Humility with Steve Carter

In this special episode of Craft and Character, Steve Carter shares why humility is the key to growing as a preacher一a reflection sparked by a conversation he had with Nancy Beach. Communicators give many reasons for neglecting their own development, but as 1 Timothy 4:14-15 reveals, honing our craft is a matter of stewardship, not just excellence.

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