It looks like I need a passphrase to register. How do I get that?

Please contact the Ascent Ambassador who invited you directly, or contact Sean Morgan at smorgan@cdfcapital.org to get your passphrase.

Does my registration fee include all 3 events?

Yes! Your registration fee includes the entire 3 gatherings throughout 2018

What if I cannot attend the 2nd or 3rd gathering?

Please email Sean at smorgan@cdfcapital.org to discuss the best way to approach these scenarios to maximize your experience with us.

Are meals included?

Yes! Meals are included in your registration fee. Once you arrive, we’ve got it covered:

Does this fee include lodging?

Yes! Your lodging is included in the cost of your registration.

Includes 1 nights lodging for the Feb event, 1 night lodging for April event, 1 night lodging for Sept event for a total of 3 nights

Is transportation included?

No. You’re on your own to get to the locations and event sites. We’d be happy to facilitate carpools for those who wish to share rental cars to reduce costs.

Should I bring my spouse?

While you are welcome to have your spouse travel with you there will not be any Ascent related events for spouses to attend.

What are the start and end times for each gathering?

Gatherings begin on Monday at 12pm and end Tuesday late afternoon/evening.

What is the recommended attire for the conference?